Sunday School

Children are welcome. They are looked after during the morning service in a group and take part in

supervised themed activities, such as watching videos, preparing artwork and reading Biblical stories.

St George’s

Although currently there is no Sunday School, we are in a position to restart it at  any time.

St Paul’s

Classes for Explorers (aged 3-10) and Adventurers (aged 10- 16) 10:00 to 10:30 youth and children join the church in worship.
At   St.   Paul’s,   Estoril,   we   welcome   all   children   and   young   people.   On   Sunday   mornings   we   offer   two main groups: Explorers: for children aged 3-10 In   this   group   we   use   the   beautifully   illustrated   ‘Jesus   Storybook   Bible’   to   explore   and   learn   about God’s love for us. We also enjoy spending time together doing creative activities and making music. Adventurers: for children aged 10-16 In   this   group,   led   by   Gui   Lima,   from   Young   Life,   we   read   and   explore   short   Bible   passages,   share ideas and play games. Babies and very young children Younger   children   are   welcome   to   join   us   upstairs   and   we   have   a   play   area   with   some   toys   to entertain them. All Age Worship On    the    first    Sunday    of    each    month    we    have    an   All   Age    Worship    service.   Young    people    are encouraged   to   take   part   in   the   service   by   reading   the   psalm   and   the   prayers.   There   are   also opportunities   for   young   people   to   help   lead   the   worship   with   music   and   drama.   We   have   some activity   bags   for   children   to   use   during   the   service   and   parents   are   also   welcome   to   use   the   upstairs room whenever they need to. The    Chaplaincy    subscribes    to    the    Diocesan    Safeguarding    Protocol    and    takes    the    question    of safeguarding   very   seriously .   Any   individuals   involved   with   the   Sunday   School   are   thoroughly vetted.
Artwork During the live-streamed services the Sunday School produced artwork related to the service. Below are some examples:
I am the way the truth and the life