The Chaplaincy is international in its make-up, the majority being British though with a range of other nationalities from all continents. The age range is also very varied. The congregation size is stable, with slow but steady growth at both churches in recent years. Our Chaplaincy motto is: “What does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6,8). In the Diocese of Europe we are encouraged not to proselytise but to work in co-operation with other local churches and especially with the Catholic Church. Our presence is thus a discreet yet firm one that defends justice and mercy, through a range of activities within the church but also reaching out collaboratively to other churches and to the broader community. Weekly worship is centred on Sunday Eucharist services at Estoril (09.30) and at Lisbon (11.30). We mark the main annual feasts and hold important community services: Christingle, Candlemas, Ash Wednesday, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday procession, Holy Week and Easter, Harvest, Remembrance Sunday and the Christmas Carol Service. The Community services involve both congregations and are held jointly at St George’s, owing to its greater size. Annually, on average, there are 6 baptisms, at least 10 wedding ceremonies (technically marriage blessings, and mostly offsite), a dozen or more funerals; 2 or 3 confirmations, taking place typically only every two years. Ecumenical Initiatives For community services, such as Remembrance Sunday and the Christmas Carol Service, the Chaplaincy works in collaboration with the Church of Scotland and English-speaking Roman Catholics. There is a tradition of holding joint Maundy Thursday services with the German Evangelical Church and the Church of Scotland. We participate in ecumenical initiatives for the World Day of Prayer and Lenten prayer groups. As well as the use of church facilities for our own services, the Estoril church is used weekly by the Eastern Orthodox Church, by the Baptists, occasionally by schools and the Swedish Lutheran community. Mission and Outreach Until recently the Chaplain led a non-Eucharistic evening service once a month at Caldas da Rainha (near Óbidos, 1 ½ hours’ drive from Lisbon/Estoril) with the Anglican community in that area. Armistice Day services are usually held annually on the heights of Picoto (near to Caldas da Rainha) and at the British Cemetery in Elvas, in remembrance of those fallen during the Peninsular Wars, respectively the battles of Roliça (1808) and Badajoz (1812).
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