If someone you know and love has died, a funeral led by one of our Church of England chaplains can be held in church, in a churchyard, by a graveside, or at a crematorium. We are able to travel if you are at a distance away but are looking for an English- speaking minister to lead the service. Do be in touch via the chaplaincy phone +351 932 101 805 or via email ( if you need to talk to someone about this. Each person is unique - in personality and in life experience -  and funerals or memorial services can reflect what was important to them and about them. The funeral can include unique details, whether that is what people wear, the music that is played, readings that are chosen or simply a photograph at the front. Talk to the minister about the person you want to give thanks for and the life you want to celebrate. They will help you work out what is possible. The prayers at a funeral can also reflect a unique life. They could include prayers for work or a hobby that has been important, for those who have cared during a final illness and for family members by name. They can be led by the vicar or by someone amongst family or friends who is at ease leading prayers in public. Discover some prayers here