Q: What are the times of the Sunday services?

A:   0930 at St Paul’s in Estoril and 1130 in St George’s in Lisbon.

Q: Are there any other services during the week?

A:  There is a Eucharist at St George’s on Thursdays at 12:45 except during the month of August. There are also additional services       at Christmas and Easter at both churches.

Q; How can I keep informed about what is happening in the Chaplaincy?

A:   There are noticeboards in the two churches, which are updated every Sunday morning. Alternatively, you can        consult the Notices web page of this site: www.lisbonanglicans.org/wordpress. We also send out e-mails with        news of forthcoming events and other information. You can subscribe to this mailing list by going to the Home        page of this site and clicking on the @ button at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is the form of service?

 A:  For Holy Communion we use Order One from the book of Common Worship (Church House Publishing). The       Bible readings follow the three-yearly cycle as set out in the book of Common Worship.

Q:  Can anybody receive Holy Communion?

 A:   Yes, all are most welcome to receive Holy Communion or a blessing of the church.

Q: How can I contact the Chaplain?

A:   You can contact the Chaplain by e-mail (padre@lisbonanglicans.org) or by telephone (Mobile tel: 9321011805).

Q: What do I do to arrange a marriage or funeral?

A:  The first step is to contact the Locum Chaplain.  Please visit the Weddings page for more information about       weddings. Please note that a ceremony conducted in one of our churches or at an outside venue has no legal       basis. Couples should complete a preceding civil ceremony, either in Portugal or in their country of residence       beforehand.

Q: How can I contact somebody about the cemetery in Lisbon?

A:   You can contact the Cemetery Administrator by e-mail: cemetery@lisbonanglicans.org. For further information        about the cemetery, vist the Cemetery page of this website.

Q: For general enquiries, such as holding musical concerts, or using the Chaplaincy facilities

     for meetings and so on, who should I contact?

A:   General enquiries regarding the Chaplaincy should be addressed to: padre@lisbonanglicans.org. Your e-mail        will be re-directed to the relevant Church Officer.

Q: How do I find the churches?

A:   Visit the Find Us page of this website. You will see directions to both churches, links to a Google map and        suggestions about how to use public transport. Note that parking near both churches can be difficult.